Hololens allows business as usual whilst avoiding thousands of miles in air travel

18 March 2021 - Tekna produces specialized plasma generating systems. Sales are mainly for overseas markets like China, India, USA, to name a few. Before shipment, as part of our quality procedures, the equipment undergoes a Factory Acceptance Test in conjunction with the customers. Formerly this critical step in the production process was performed on site in the Sherbrooke facility, requiring customers from over the globe to travel to Canada.

Partly driven by COVID travel restrictions the Plasma Systems team found a way to conclude the Factory Acceptance Test with its customers by using Hololens technology. Overcoming time zones and language barriers, this process was successfully completed several times in the course of 2020. By applying this innovative and creative solution to the COVID challenge, Tekna was able to continue business as usual and avoided thousands of air travel miles.

Tekna has continued to improve the application and Hololens is now also used for remote training and real-time worldwide support.


About Tekna

Tekna is a world-leading provider of advanced materials to industry, headquartered in Sherbrooke, Canada. Tekna produces high-purity metal powders for applications such as 3D printing in the aerospace, medical and automotive sectors, as well as optimized induction plasma systems for industrial research and production. With its unique, IP-protected plasma technology, the company is well positioned in the growing market for advanced nanomaterials within the electronics and batteries industries. Building on 30 years of delivering excellence, Tekna is a global player recognized for its quality products and its commitment to its multinational base of over 200 blue-chip customers.


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