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High Enthalpy plasma unit for material testing under severe conditions.

Tekna PlasmaSonic products are high enthalpy ground testing facilities used in experimental investigations of heat shield materials and thermal protection systems (TPS). The main purpose of this equipment is to reproduce the severe conditions of an object travelling at high velocity or during its re-entry into the atmosphere. A material sample can be tested under high enthalpy, high velocity, and high heat flux.

Tekna manufactures integrated systems using three main plasma technologies specific to high enthalpy material testing facilities (Induction Plasma Heater, Huels Plasma Heater, Segmented Plasma Heater) and offers a high level of process integration and instrumentation.

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Highlights of the article:

  • Explore the landscape of plasma wind tunnel technologies in the present day.
  • Evaluate the strengths and limitations inherent in contemporary plasma wind tunnel technologies.
  • Observe the correlation between vehicle trajectories and Plasma Wind Tunnel (PWT) capabilities.
  • Learn about Plasma wind tunnel typical operating ranges by source.
  • Learn about the typical operating ranges of various types of Plasma Wind Tunnel Explore the forefront of aeronautical testing with the next generation of wind tunnels, where cutting-edge technologies redefine the boundaries of aerodynamic research and experimentation.

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