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Tekna's spherical NICKEL alloy powderS

Our unique plasma atomization process produces a highly spherical nickel alloy powder, which combines high packing density and excellent flowing properties. On top of these class-leading properties, you will benefit from decades of know-how in plasma powder metallurgy and the peace of mind of an aerospace-rated quality system. Tekna’s nickel-based alloyed powder is the material of choice for Additive Manufacturing in high-temperature structural applications, where superior mechanical and chemical properties are required.


  • Plasma atomized powder
  • High purity material
  • Highly Spherical                                                           
  • High packing density
  • Designed for Aerospace Applications
Symbole Poudre-Size-Ni625.png
Symbole Poudre-Size-Ni718.png
Symbole Poudre-Size-NiHX.png
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