While each industry sector has distinct challenges, stable quality, repeatability, consistent manufacturing processes and high purity processes are critical for today’s modern businesses.

Our solutions regarding nanopowders, spherical powders, spheroidization equipment, nanopowder synthesis equipment, thermal spray equipment, aerospace reentry equipment, powder feeders and enthalpy probes are all designed to meet your demanding business needs.

Our personalized solutions meet the specific requirements of all market sectors.


The aviation industry is one of constant change. New manufacturing processes require materials and products to meet the highest performance standards.


The aerospace industry is quickly evolving. Spacecrafts are being built using advanced materials with remarkable properties. 


The medical industry is always evolving. Solutions with advanced materials are being increasingly incorporated into a number of medical applications. 

Mining and Drilling

The oil and gas drilling plus mining industries are always on the lookout for new methods to increase the lifespan of components exposed to shock and abrasion.

Energy Storage

The energy storage industry is booming; the industrial and environmental concerns are significant.


The microelectronic domain turns increasingly towards the use of small-size nanopowders, with the chemical composition perfectly controlled for printing electronic circuits.

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