TekSphero-40 is designed for the development of new spherical powders at large scale. It is also used for the production of spherical powders for small niche markets with high added value
40 tek
  • Ideal
    For research to produce small batches for the Automotive, Aerospace, Biomedical and Energy industries.
  • Versatile
    The unit enables the production of small batches of different kinds of material for powder sizes up to 500 µm. 
  • Intuitive
    After minimal training, you will be able to quickly manufacture different powders.

TEKSPHERO-40 features

  • Productivity

    5-10 kg/h, depending on materials and technical requirements.

  • User friendly
    The touch screen interface enables data logging.

  • Safe
    The system is designed with the strictest requirements and includes safety interlocks.

  • Dimensions
    460 x 380 x 290 cm.