TekSphero 15 is designed for the development of new spherical powders. It is also used in the production of spherical powders for very small niche markets with high added value. The easy cleaning of the small process elements enables a rapid change of the material.
  • Ideal
    For materials development.  
  • Versatile
    Teksphero-15 can be rapidly cleaned fo the production of small samples of different materials. 

  • Adjustable
    This compact R&D solution enables you to develop processes that can be easily scaled up to produce industrial quantities of the developed product. 

TEKSPERO-15 features

  • Productivity
    0.5-1.5 kg/h
  • Compact
     200 x 250 x 90 cm
  • User friendly
    Thanks to a touch screen interface with data logging
  • Safe
    The system is designed according to the strictest requirements and includes safety interlocks