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Leader in ICP Plasma Systems and Manufacturer of Advanced Material Powders

Inductively coupled plasma

Our inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology is the result of decades of research and development. It matches the latest technological advances to meet both present and future needs.

Turn-Key induction plasma systems

Tekna offers turn-key plasma systems based on our ICP technology, ranging from 15 kW to 1 MW.

We also offer CUSTOMIZATION OF OUR SYSTEMS so that you can DEVELOP and PRODUCE powders from specific materials that meet your needs.

Spheroidization System

Spheroidization enables the production of highly spherical powder particles, compatible with even the most demanding applications.

Nanopowder Synthesis System

Nanopowder synthesis enables the production of highly pure nanomaterials, from different types of precursors (solid, liquid or gasses).

Deposition System

Deposition by induction plasma enables the production of high-density coatings through efficient melting and deposition.

Aerospace System

Plasma arc tunnels are used to simulate re-entry conditions under high temperature and heat fluxes.

Feeders System

These equipments enable the introduction of low-fluctuation powders into the plasma systems with low or high flow rates.

Enthalpy Probe System

This instrument enables simultaneous and more accurate measurement of plasma parameters.

Advanced material powders

We manufacture advanced material powders on an industrial scale that meets the most demanding customer criteria.



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